An Old Story of the Relationship between Man and Animals

This is a story from the time when human beings and animals lived together. Image result for tiger

Once upon a time a man lived together with a tiger, a wild cat and a cock.  The four friends lived
together and generally they respected one another.  The cat however, was afraid of the cock because of its long beak, and  the tiger was boastful and had no fear of the man because he thought he was the smarter of the two and that he could do everything better than the man.  This was the relationship that existed between the four of them.

  One day the man cut a piece of wood and he took a strip of bamboo, pulled it across the wood Image result for cockforcefully and he was able to make fire like this.  After this he caught another cock and he cooked it on his fire.  On another day he caught another wild cat and he cooked and ate that too.  The tiger was impressed, and became afraid of man. 

One day, while they were eating their rice, the cock and the cat started fighting, and the cock pecked the cat but it did not hurt much, so the cat concluded Image result for wild catthat in fact, it would be easy for him to attack, kill and eat the cock.  From that day onwards, the cock was afraid of the cat.    The tiger was now convinced that the man was cleverer than he was because he could make fire and cook his food.

  “Perhaps if I fight him now, I could win, but actually, he is cleverer than me because he can do things that I can’t do.  I cannot trust him, and I must live separately” , the tiger decided.  The trust had broken down between the cock and the cat too, so they also separated eventually, having lived together for such a long time.


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