Can You Correctly Answer This Question On The First Attempt?

(Collective AHA) Puzzles like this one can be a tough nut to crack not because they require scientific background, but because they are designed to challenge the way you see the task. In fact, few people can answer it correctly, so take your time and see if you’re one of them.


The deal is the following: you need to tell which number is missing in the empty square of this box. Hope, you don’t expect it to be 6, because it’s not. Don’t jump into conclusion and think carefully, addressing not your math knowledge, but the observation skills. The complexity of this quiz lies in that it leads your brain the wrong way, suggesting the answer would be simple and obvious.


Though 6 seems the best bet to go for, you need to think of something that doesn’t involve this number. OK, a little hint for you – it involves no numbers at all. You’d better resort to alphabetic stuff instead.


Whether or not you’ve managed to gain the upper hand of this tricky quiz, you’ve definitely challenged your sense of recognizing patterns, analyzing data, and using different hemispheres of your brain.


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