Cyber Friends, are they Imaginary Friends?

How many cyber friends that you have? What do you think about making as much as friends in cyber world?Image result for cyber friends

I have some social network accounts and I have around three hundreds cyber friends. Not really much friends, but I really like it so much. My friends are come from different backgrounds. It’s so excited to meet many people, I felt like I could contact with another side of the world. I got much information and many lesson from these friends. I could share all the things on my mind with these friends. I could have much information about my hobbies, my favorite music, the newest drama or movie and the most important I could learn many things from these friends. That’s why I love my cyber friends so much.

With these cyber friends I could talk anything, sometimes talking to somebody who I never meet makes me more comfortable. When somebody gives any respond it makes me really happy. Have these great cyber friends makes me wonder how was the other side of the world look like? Are these cyber friends only my imaginary friends?  I don’t know.

Sometimes my real friends, in my real world said that have cyber friends makes me autism.  It’s like I have my own world with my cyber friends. They said that having cyber friends makes me not sensitive with people around me. I don’t know. I am sorry.

One day, one of my real friends in my real world ever said that how if I lost my connection with the internet in my whole life? What would be happening in my life? I couldn’t answer these questions. I never imagine about that before.

Having many great cyber friends is really wonderful thing. I love my cyber friends. But, I know here in my real life I have many great friends too that always care and love me. I love them too. Having many great cyber friends is like having imaginary friends for me. They are awesome; open my mind to another side of the world; teach me many things.

Thank you so much for being my cyber friends….. ^0^

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