Strange Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defence Mechanisms

Our bodies are amazing. The fact that a woman can give birth, we can talk, evening sleeping is amazing.  But our bodies are complex. It’s a complex collection of numerous biological cycles and systems. Trying to understand the complexities of our body is very hard to understand.

ur body has an amazing set of complicated defense mechanisms. They protect us from harm 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here are nine fascinating things your body does which you may not have even realized were ranked among those defense mechanisms.

 YawningImage result for Yawning

A common belief was that yawning helps to increase the oxygen supply but previous research failed. The main purpose of yawning is to cool down your brain when it overheats or when it overloads. The Average Yawn Lasts for 6 Seconds.

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When you sneeze your body is getting rid of an irritation, or getting essentially getting rid of the ‘trash’. Sneezing gets rid of microbes, dust, allergens.

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 Stretching Image result for stretching before sleep

We prepare our bodies for physical loads we expect to have during the day. However, stretching isn’t just to prepare our bodies for physical loads throughout the day, it also helps us work our muscles, restore blood flow, and improve our moods.

 Hiccuping Image result for Hiccuping

When we eat very quickly, swallow large pieces of food, or simply overeat, our pneumogastric nerve can become irritated. This is closely connected to our stomach and diaphragm. The result is a bout of hiccups.

 Myoclonic Jerks

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Before now, I never knew about this. Myoclonic jerks refer to the strange feelings when you lie down to go to sleep. As our bodies start to drift off we’re jolted for a second. It may seem like an electric shock. All of your muscles spasms so strongly it feels like you’re falling out of bed and you wake up immediately.

This phenomenon is the result of the fact that when you begin to fall asleep, our breathing rapidly falls, whilst your pulse slows down only very slightly and your muscles are relaxed. Amazingly, your brain interprets these developments as heralding death. So it tries to save you by giving you a jolt.

 Wrinkling Skin

Related image

When are bodies have been soaked for a long period of time our hands and feet get slippery. This is so we actually have a better grip in a wet environment/ smooth environment, otherwise, our hands will have less of a grip.

 Loss Memory 


Loss of memory is a self-defense mechanism because it helps us cope with unpleasant memories. Our brain attempts to repair the mental damage by deleting these unpleasant memories.


Goosebumps are our bodies way of retaining our body heat. If it’s cold we get goosebumps in an attempt to maintain our bodies heat.




Tears are a way of acting as protection for our eyes. So, it’s both a physical and emotional defense.

Scientists believe that in stressful situations the body creates a new, powerful source of irritation in order to distract a person from the pain they’re currently experiencing.

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